During the planning process, there are times that it may be helpful to have someone experienced speak or negotiate on your behalf.

At St-wise we provide an advocacy service and can represent developers in a variety of circumstances.

Pre-application meetings Some Council’s require pre-application meetings before a town planning application is lodged. This meeting will give a good indication as to whether Council will support a project and what changes may be necessary to make before submitting the application for consideration. We understand Council’s policies and can advise the architect as to Council’s requirements. We are also able to attend a pre-application meeting to advocate on your behalf about the merits of your project.

Council consultative meetings – On occasions, a Council will call a meeting to bring together a developer and objectors to discuss, and make a decision about, whether they will support a town planning application. Our experience in community development and as town planners, gives us the know how to reduce neighbour concerns and if necessary negotiate minor changes to designs. Compromise is important when dealing with neighbours and Council.

Fast Track System – Some Councils have a ‘fast track’ system for dealing more quickly with planning applications. Such systems allow Council to bypass some aspects of the process that can delay a decision, and this can include dispensing with the requirement to advertise. As part of this process it is necessary to consult with neighbours and at times even hold a meeting of stakeholders.

Photo: St-wise frequently speaks on behalf of clients at local Council meetings.