Town Planning – Expert Witness

Sometimes a planning lawyer or town planner may call another experienced town planner as an expert witness at a matter to be heard before Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

In his capacity as director of St-wise, Mark Waldon has been engaged on numerous occasions to present as an expert witness before VCAT on planning related matters. As an expert witness Mark will prepare a detailed report that supports a development, and appear before VCAT to present expert evidence.

A town planning expert witness must be extremely knowledgeable in their field as they will be cross-examined about their evidence at the VCAT hearing by opponents, the VCAT Chairperson and others affected by (or someone representing someone affected by) the development.

Mark is highly valued by fellow professionals for this style of representation, as he is articulate and thorough.

Other Expert Witnesses to strengthen your case

Depending on what area/s Council has found fault with a development, we can, if appropriate, also recommend and liaise with other industry professionals as expert witnesses to support your case at a VCAT hearing. St-wise has affiliations with a variety of industry professionals that can provide expert evidence including traffic engineers, landscape architects, urban designers, heritage consultants and acoustic consultants.

When appropriate, engaging an expert witness who can speak favourably in support of your development will most likely influence the outcome.