St-wise can advocate for your project.

If you’ve been invited to attend a Council meeting to present your plans, we can act as a positive representative in support of your project with documentation and expert guidance.

Pre-application Meetings

Depending on your project, some Councils require pre-application meetings before an application is lodged. The purpose of this meeting is to indicate whether the Council will consider the project, and what changes need implementing to gain Council support. We can represent you at a pre-application meeting to advocate the merits of your project. After the meeting, we can assist in briefing your architect on the Council’s requirements.

Council Consultation Meetings

If a proposed development has been met with community or neighbour objections, the Council will call a consultation meeting. This will give the developer, objectors and Council the chance to discuss, change and negotiate elements of the project that satisfies everyone’s concerns. St-wise has attended numerous consultation meetings and can help reduce objections by suggesting reasonable alterations and reaching an agreed compromise.

Fast Track System

If you want to get your application considered as soon as possible, ask us about which Councils have a ‘fast track’ system. These systems are designed so the Council can bypass aspects of the process that can delay a decision, such as dispensing with the requirement to advertise. Fast track systems help straightforward applications move quickly, but still meet with compliance regarding community feedback and Council town planning policies.