We Know Town Planning in the City of Melbourne

In most instances, buildings and works in the City of Melbourne must have Council approval. On top of town planning approval for construction or changes to a building, approval may also be necessary for changes to the colour of a building within a heritage area, displaying a sign or even erecting a satellite dish. That is why it is important to discuss your proposal either with a Council officer or a town planner that understands Council’s requirements.

St-wise has successfully managed numerous town planning applications, residential and commercial in this municipality. We are very familiar with this Council’s planning requirements and can therefore provide accurate advice to ensure that your experience is a positive one.

What is town planning, and why is it important in Melbourne?

Town planning in Melbourne refers to the process of managing land use and development within the city to ensure sustainable growth, efficient infrastructure, and livable communities. It involves assessing development proposals, enforcing regulations, and guiding urban development. Town planning is crucial in Melbourne to balance the needs of a growing population, protect heritage areas, promote economic development, and maintain the city’s unique character.

What are the key responsibilities of a town planning consultant in Melbourne?

A town planning consultant in Melbourne plays a crucial role in assisting clients with navigating the complex town planning process. They provide expertise in preparing planning applications, coordinating with councils and stakeholders, and ensuring compliance with local planning regulations. Consultants also offer advice on design considerations, heritage preservation, and community engagement to achieve successful outcomes for their clients’ projects.

How can I determine if my residential development in Melbourne requires town planning approval?

In Melbourne, residential developments may require town planning approval if they involve two or more dwellings, alterations to heritage-listed properties, or are situated on smaller lots. The definition of a smaller lot may vary across different councils, typically being less than 300 or 500 square meters. It’s essential to consult with a town planning professional in Melbourne to assess your specific project and determine whether a planning permit is necessary.

What are the potential benefits of engaging a town planning consultant for my commercial project in Melbourne?

Engaging a town planning consultant for your commercial project in Melbourne offers several benefits. They have extensive knowledge of local planning policies, regulations, and council processes, which can streamline the application and approval process. Consultants can provide pre-planning advice, design recommendations, and expertise in preparing comprehensive town planning reports to support your permit application. They can also represent you in negotiations with the council and other stakeholders, ensuring your project receives fair consideration within a reasonable timeframe.

Can a town planning consultant assist with heritage considerations in Melbourne?

Yes, town planning consultants in Melbourne can provide valuable assistance when dealing with heritage considerations. They have experience working on projects involving heritage-listed properties and understand the strict rules and regulations governing alterations and additions to such buildings. A consultant can guide you through the process, ensuring your plans align with heritage guidelines and advising on adjustments that may be required to meet council requirements. By engaging a consultant, you can navigate the complexities of heritage considerations effectively, increasing the chances of obtaining the necessary approvals for your project.

How can a town planning consultant help with community consultations in Melbourne?

Town planning consultants in Melbourne can assist with organising and facilitating community consultations as part of the development process. They understand the importance of community engagement and can help plan and conduct consultations to gather feedback and address any concerns or objections from the local community. Consultants can also act as intermediaries, communicating and representing your project’s interests to the community, ensuring their voices are heard and taken into account. By involving a consultant in community consultations, you can foster positive relationships, enhance transparency, and improve the chances of obtaining community support for your development.

What is the role of a town planning report in Melbourne’s planning permit application process?

In Melbourne, a town planning report plays a crucial role in the planning permit application process. This report serves as a comprehensive document that justifies why your proposed development is suitable and beneficial to the intended site area. It provides an overview of the development’s attributes, including design considerations, environmental impact, and community benefits.

The town planning report is carefully prepared to align with relevant local council policies and the Residential Code. It assesses how your development meets the objectives and requirements set by the council. The report also addresses any potential concerns or objections that may arise during the assessment process.

By providing a well-crafted town planning report, you strengthen your application by presenting a persuasive argument to the council. The report complements your architectural plans, blueprints, and drawings, providing a comprehensive package that demonstrates the appropriateness and merit of your proposed development. It helps the council assess the impact of your project on the surrounding area and ensures that your development aligns with the long-term vision and objectives of Melbourne’s planning guidelines.

How we can help

St-wise has helped clients complete numerous applications for developments in the City of Melbourne with positive outcomes. We’re a committed boutique town planning agency offering a full suite of services to assist you with the town planning process including pre-planning advice, preparing town planning reports, representing you at Council meetings, assisting with land rezoning applications, appearing as an expert witness and addressing objections.

We pride ourselves on being responsive, dedicated and attentive to keep your project moving.

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