What is town planning?

Town planning, in the raw sense, stemmed from a response to the land use problems that arose from industrialisation in the late 19th century. Early town planners had a vision for entire cities or new urban areas. However, today most town planning work is at a micro level – what is appropriate land use or development for a given site.

What does town planning involve?

The town planning that St-wise is involved in mainly relates to seeking approval for residential developments (from a dual occupancy to an apartment building to an extension to a dwelling in a heritage area) or smaller commercial and/or industrial projects.

Our work involves liaising with local Councils, and sometimes State Government, to seek approval for new developments or modifications to buildings and/or land use.  Councils and State Government have specific regulations and policies regarding town planning, and a professional town planner can help navigate potential hurdles.

Not all new developments need town planning approval. For example, in some areas (not a heritage listed area) a single dwelling, in a residential zone on a block of land greater that 300sqm will usually only need a building permit. While in some Council areas a single dwelling, in a residential zone on a block of land on less than 300 sqm will need a town planning permit. Feel free to

Feel free to contact us to see whether your development needs town planning approval by your local Council.