The following are official government, building, environmental and heritage websites and could provide useful resources for your next project or query.


The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal makes final rulings on town planning applications when the developer and Council or other stakeholders are in dispute. St-wise can help you launch an appeal if you feel the Council’s refusal of your project is unsubstantiated.

Department of Environment, Water and Planning

This is a highly informative government website that details planning schemes for every Council, municipality, shire, area and borough in the state of Victoria. Visit this site for information on land zoning, housing, utilities, heritage rules, environmental considerations, planning policies, economic development and more.

Planning Schemes Online

Local Councils & Victorian Government

Stay up to date with Victoria’s latest planning and infrastructure news across all aspects of housing, transport, roads, environment, energy, jobs, the economy, the law, major projects and more.

Austlii – Past VCAT Decisions

If you’re looking to appeal to VCAT about a decision, you can review previous cases and their outcomes. Austlii may help you strengthen your case. St-wise can also assist you with your VCAT application and appear on your behalf.

Past VCAT Decisions

Land Channel

This site lets you search for a property using an address or a parcel using a Standard Parcel Identifier (SPI). The resulting Property Report identifies the relevant local government area, water business, power distributor, planning zones and overlays.

Land and parcel search

Planning Institute Australia

This is the national body representing planning and the planning profession.


This site allows you to search for Title and Property Information in case you need to contact the owner of a particular property or site about a proposed development.

Title and Property Information

The Victorian Heritage Register

Visit the Victorian Heritage Register to search for or view the complete listing of Victorian Heritage sites and properties.

Aboriginal Victoria

Before starting any development activities, it’s important to check if it could affect Aboriginal cultural heritage. Visit Aboriginal Victoria for a list of culturally significant sites and how to develop a cultural heritage management plan.

Contact St-wise to discuss your development project. We can provide initial advice about your project and information regarding Council requirements free of charge.