Town Planning – Residential

St-wise offers a full range of town planning services for people wanting to undertake a residential development project.

Residential developments that require the assistance of an expert town planning service include:

– A residential development project that includes two or more dwellings

– New buildings, or alterations, or additions to a building in a heritage area

 – Alterations and/or additions to a dwelling that is heritage listed

 – A development on a smaller lot (some Council’s may consider a smaller lot to be less than 300sqm, and others less than 500sqm)

St-wise offers the following residential development services:

  • Pre-application and design advice St-wise can provide design recommendations to ensure that the development responds to the site’s potential and its surrounds. This ensures that the property developer gets the best yield from a given site.
  • Advocacy St-wise can liaise with Council and any other stakeholders about a residential development project and provide representation at any Council meetings.
  • Planning permits St-wise prepare a superior quality Town Planning Report to accompany planning drawings and applications. We offer two levels of service for town planning reports. Level one is the preparation of a town planning report which includes the following:

– A clear and precise explanation of how the proposal meets the purposes of the zone and local  neighbourhood character;

– An assessment of how the proposal meets Local and State Planning Policy;

– Justification for any diversions from planning policies;

– A ResCode assessment for medium density developments or any other assessment depending  on the circumstances; and

– Digital images of the site and surrounds.

Level two services include the overseeing of the entire town planning process which includes a town planning report as identified above as well as:

– Ongoing liaisons with designer and client;

– Ongoing liaisons with Council and attendance at any relevant Council and officer meetings during the process;

– Preparation of the town planning application paperwork for Council; and

– Organising notification and advertising of town planning application in accordance with Council requirements.

  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) appeals we can represent you at VCAT. When all else fails VCAT will make a ruling when there is a dispute on a planning matter between the developer and Council or the developer and other stakeholders including neighbours.