Mandy Black

mandy-blackAbout Mandy Black
St-wise Director

Mandy’s strongest quality is her willingness to immerse herself in the task at hand. She works diligently to achieve positive outcomes for the projects she is involved in.

Mandy started her career as a teacher but after having four children she joined the family retail business. She became the president of the local Traders Association and lobbied the local Council to introduce a special rate and charge scheme for marketing and promotion for the strip shopping centre where her business was located.

Her strong belief in the value of these Schemes has led her to a new path and new career. Soon she was helping other strip shopping centres in their quest to introduce these Schemes and prepare business and marketing plans to guide the actions of the business groups. For over 16 years Mandy has worked with many business groups to plan for their sustainable future.

Gradually, Mandy’s work with business groups has led to working with community groups in the area of community development. This has involved assisting a number of community groups to prepare their own business plans, organise fundraising initiatives and plan and implement events.

During her working career she has also worked with a number of Councils on a variety of inspiring projects relating to business and community wellbeing such as implementing business awards programs and community festivals. Mandy immerses herself in any project she undertakes with drive and enthusiasm.

“Any contract undertaken is actioned with genuine passion. I take the time to listen and respond to community leaders and individuals and make sure that I always follow through on my promises”.

Mandy has an IAP2 Certificate in Community Engagement.