Planning objections

It can be daunting and upsetting to discover that a town planning application for a development has been lodged at Council that you feel may impact on your way of life.

Neighbours and other affected by a proposed development have an opportunity to lodge an objection to Council. However, the objection/s lodged must be considered against the planning scheme and state government policies. By formulating an articulate, relevant objection letter it may be possible to influence some changes so that the development does not impact on you or others and in many cases, this means working towards a compromise.

If we believe your concerns have merit we can prepare a relevant concise objection letter for you to submit to Council. We will review the town planning application, and then do an evaluation against the relevant planning scheme and state government policies. Once a thorough assessment is completed, we can then draft a detailed objection on your behalf.

We are also available to attend any Council meetings relating to the merits of the proposal as an objector representative.

Our extensive experience in the area of town planning will ensure that your concerns and planning objection will be considered by Council. Please contact us to discuss your town planning concerns and we will endeavour to put your mind at ease.