Are you against a proposed development?

When you find out that a planned development or construction could have a negative impact on your way of life, it can be disheartening for you, your family and the larger community. If you have genuine concerns and reasons to oppose the development, don’t miss your opportunity to lodge an objection with the council.

When you lodge an objection, personal considerations and arguments don’t make for a strong case. Objections lodged must be considered against the planning scheme and state government policies, so only by forming an articulate, relevant objection letter, will it be possible to influence changes or at least reach a compromise that satisfies multiple parties.

How St-wise can help

We’ll listen to your concerns in detail to determine their merit. Our process includes reviewing the town planning application, then evaluating it against the relevant planning scheme and state government policies. We then help you prepare a relevant, concise objection letter for you to submit to Council. If required, we can also attend any Council meetings relating to the merits of the proposal as an objector representative.

Our reputation and expertise will ensure your planning objection is properly considered by Council. If you would like advice or need help with a town planning objection, contact us to discuss your concerns.

Contact St-wise to discuss your development project. We can provide initial advice about your project and information regarding Council requirements free of charge.