Does your project require land rezoning? St-wise can help.

In order to allow a land use or development to proceed, it can sometimes be necessary to modify the planning scheme relating to a given area. St-wise can help you with this process. Generally, land is zoned to determine what types of dwellings are permitted for build. The main land zones are residential, commercial, mixed use and industrial. These all vary in terms of density and growth depending on the specific district.

If your project or development requires modifications to the existing planning scheme, you’ll need to apply to have the land rezoned. This is also known as making planning scheme amendments.

Land Rezoning Applications

The land rezoning application process is always complex, but St-wise can guide you through it. Planning scheme amendments require several stages of approval from both the local council and the Minister for Planning.

St-wise can improve your chances of rezoning by liaising with State and Local Government, preparing paperwork, attending relevant Council and community meetings, and presenting at panel hearings if necessary.

We have successfully assisted land owners and developers successfully apply for rezoning and planning scheme amendments. 

Contact St-wise to discuss your development project. We can provide initial advice about your project and information regarding Council requirements free of charge.