Land Rezoning

Sometimes it is necessary to modify the planning scheme, relating to a given area, to allow a land use or development to proceed. Such modifications are known as rezoning of land, or an amendment to certain planning scheme requirements.

Rezoning of land or applying for Planning Scheme amendments are always complex. They require several stages of approval from both the local council and the Minister for Planning. St-wise can provide expert advice and professional assistance to increase your chances of success.

Despite their complexity, St-wise has successfully assisted various land owners with rezoning and planning scheme amendments that have ultimately allowed their desired outcomes and also boosted the value of their land.
We can assist you with all aspects of rezoning and planning scheme amendments including liaisons with State and Local Government, preparation of the paperwork, attendance at relevant Council and community meetings, and attendance at Panel Hearings if necessary.


A supermarket owner within a Victorian regional town wanted to increase the floor area of their premises. However, the heritage controls that applied to the land prevented any increases occurring. The owner proceeded to buy industrial land just out of the main shopping centre and heritage area. After purchasing the land, they were surprised and disappointed to discover that a supermarket was not allowed in an industrial area.

The supermarket owner engaged St-wise to liaise with Council towards having the land rezoned for commercial usage. Ultimately, Council agreed to allow St-wise to mount the case for a rezoning and to take the necessary administrative steps and community consultation that would allow the amendment to proceed. This intricate process was successes with permission granted to rezone the land, and to allow the development of a supermarket at the site.