Commercial Planning Solutions

St-wise offers a full suite of planning services for clients planning or currently building commercial developments such as shopping centres, hospitality establishments and venues, corporate buildings and more. As town planning experts, we can assist with multiple facets and stages of the commercial development process to bring your project to life.

Pre-planning Advice

Before you start planning your project, St-wise can provide design recommendations to make the most of the site’s potential while considering how it will affect the surrounding area. Pre-planning can save time down the track, as potential council or community objections can be identified and addressed early.


As representatives for our clients, we can liaise directly with Council on your behalf. We can also assist with organising community consultations where required. Having built a strong and professional reputation with shires across Melbourne, we’ll ensure your project is considered by the relevant authorities within a reasonable time frame.

Planning Permits

If you’re seeking a highly professional Town Planning Report to support your permit application, we can work with you to draft a report that complements your plans, blueprints and drawings. A report may be required by Council to justify why your particular development is an appropriate addition to the existing community.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) Appeals

St-wise can assist you with lodging an appeal if a decision isn’t in your favour. We prepare the paperwork, liaise with expert witnesses and present on your behalf to VCAT. When there is a dispute on a planning matter between the developer and Council, or the developer and other stakeholders including neighbours, VCAT can make a final ruling.

Funtopia Maribyrnong

Contact St-wise to discuss your commercial development project. We can provide initial advice about your project and information regarding council requirements free of charge.