Mark Waldon

mark-waldonAbout Mark Waldon (MPIA)
St-wise Director

Mark Waldon has a background in business, town planning, economic development and has considerable experience in negotiating with local government. He holds a degree in urban planning and has over 25 years experience in statutory and strategic planning.

Mark’s work has involved managing town planning applications, managing the rezoning of land, and appearing for clients at VCAT’s Planning Division hearings. Over the years he has developed a broad client base, including architects, designers, builders, developers, objector resident groups and Councils.

Mark also has personal experience in development, having built his own townhouse and unit complexes. This gives Mark a unique insight into the aspirations of developers, big and small, and how using town planning assistance can help achieve their goals. He can provide not only town planning assistance but can help clients to organise other professional services they may need, including building designers, architects, land surveyors and building surveyors.

Mark has been responsible for managing hundreds of planning applications in both the public and private sector including dual occupancy projects and office and high-rise apartment developments. He has represented clients in over 600 VCAT hearings to defend appropriate development, or oppose inappropriate development.

Mark brings to St-wise strong organisational, administrative and time-management skills but his main strengths are in his personalised service and negotiating positive outcomes for his clients.

Mark’s service offering includes:

  • Planning advice;
  • Preparation of applications to Council and
  • VCAT hearings- advocating on your behalf.

His wealth of experience across the various development sectors and his enthusiastic outlook means he is equipped to deal with any challenges your project may bring.

Along with Mandy Black, Mark has presented at several conferences (sharing his knowledge and experience) from a town planning perspective relating to shopping centre enhancement.