Town Planning – Industrial

St-wise offers a full range of industrial town planning services including new warehouse or factory developments or changes and alterations to an existing warehouse or factory.

St-wise offers the following Industrial town planning services:

  • Pre-planning advice – we can provide design recommendations to ensure that the development responds to a site’s potential and its surrounds.
  • Advocacy – we can liaise with Council and any other stakeholders about a development project, and provide representation at any Council meetings.
  • Planning permits – we can prepare a superior quality Town Planning Report to accompany planning drawings and applications or prepare a report that responds to particular Council requirements.
  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) appeals we can represent you at VCAT. When all else fails, VCAT can make a ruling when there is a dispute on a planning matter between the developer and Council or the developer and other stakeholders including neighbours.

Please note any changes or alterations internally or externally will most likely require approval from the local Council.

 Contact St-wise to discuss your industrial development project. Mark Waldon (director) can provide you with initial advice regarding your development and Council requirements free of charge.