Accurate Site Assessment

St-wise can help you in the pre-planning stage by giving you an accurate assessment of your chosen site against your planning requirements. As we have extensive experience on what local Council and State Government will approve, we can determine if your development is appropriate for the proposed location. 

Part of this assessment includes reviewing the zoning of the land and the planning controls that apply to a given area. We can also advise you if there are certain permits needed depending on the type of land usage or proposed development.

Should you decide to proceed after our assessment, we can give you the contact details of other industry professionals that can support you during the town planning process.  We have strong relationships with traffic engineers, heritage consultants, planning lawyers, acoustic consultants, and a variety of specialist designers and architects.

Contact us with a pre-planning enquiry or call Director Mark Waldon on (03) 9500 0685.


The Silver Arc

Contact St-wise to discuss your development project. We can provide initial advice about your project and information regarding Council requirements free of charge.