Pre Planning Advice

Prior to making a commitment to purchase land or open a new business, St-wise can prepare a detailed assessment of the site and provide you with important information that can greatly influence whether you choose to embark on the new venture.

We can review your chosen site to determine if it is appropriate to meet your development or usage expectations. We can also assess whether the site will be suitable against the planning requirements of the State Government and local Council. Not all sites are suited to every development type or land use. This depends on the zoning of the land and the planning controls that apply to a given area. There may also be certain permits needed depending on the type of land use or development proposed.

If you just want over the phone advice, and/or want feedback on an idea you have for a given site, then give St-wise a call and talk to our Planning Director – Mark Waldon.

Should you decide to proceed with the venture, we can provide you with contact details of other key professionals that may also assist you through the town planning process.  At St-wise we know that one size doesn’t fit all, so once we are familiar with your needs we can recommend the right contacts to suit your development. We have strong relationships with traffic engineers, heritage consultants, planning lawyers, acoustic consultants, and a variety of specialist designers and architects.


It all starts as a dream  20150218_100311
Our experienced town planners can turn your dream into a reality.