Expert Town Planning Reports To Support Your Application

As part of your application, you’ll require a town planning report to justify why your development is appropriate for an area, an overview of its attributes and an assessment against Res Code and any other local Council policies. This submission is required by Council to support plans, drawings and designs by your architect.

St-wise prepares extremely thorough, highly professional town planning reports which consider and can include:

  • Site details
  • Neighbourhood plans
  • Land zoning
  • Photographs
  • High-quality maps
  • Plans
  • Illustrations and renders
  • Graphics and charts
  • An assessment of the Planning Policy Framework
  • An assessment of Council’s Municipal Strategic Statement
  • An assessment of Council’s local policies
  • An assessment against the zones and overlays that affect the site
  • An assessment of relevant decision guidelines within the planning scheme
  • An assessment of the Particular Provisions within the planning scheme
  • An assessment against Rescode
  • If necessary, an assessment against the apartment provisions

If you require an expert town planning report to support your application, please contact us online or call 03 9500 0865.

Contact St-wise to discuss your development project. We can provide initial advice about your project and information regarding Council requirements free of charge.