We Know Town Planning in Greater Dandenong

There are three different methods to submit your town planning application with the City of Greater Dandenong depending on the type of application and its complexities.

They are:

  1.  Smart Application Process which allows for certain applications to be processed in 10 days. These are usually minor planning matters such as fencing, car parking reduction and building construction under $50,000
  2. Priority Paid Planning Application Service is available for eligible (mainly very large) commercial or industrial town planning applications
  3. Standard Planning Application Process applies to most residential or standard commercial or industrial town planning applications

The City of Greater Dandenong, like the majority of local Councils, prefers that pre-application meetings are arranged with a Town Planning Council Officer. This process opens communication channels and provides an opportunity to discuss the proposal with a Council officer who will sometimes identify any initial concerns for consideration.

How can I determine if my project in Dandenong requires town planning approval?

Determining whether your project in Dandenong requires town planning approval depends on various factors. Typically, developments such as multi-unit dwellings, significant alterations to existing buildings, or changes within heritage areas will require town planning approval. Additionally, specific zoning regulations and local planning policies will influence whether a planning permit is necessary. It is advisable to consult with a town planning consultant in Dandenong who can assess your project’s specifics and guide you through the approval process. They will help determine if your project falls within the scope of town planning requirements and assist in preparing the necessary applications and documentation for submission to the local council.

What role does a town planning consultant play in the development process in Dandenong?

A town planning consultant in Dandenong plays a crucial role in the development process by providing expert guidance and support. They have in-depth knowledge of local planning regulations, council processes, and community expectations, which enables them to assist clients in navigating the complex town planning landscape. Consultants offer valuable services such as preparing and submitting planning applications, conducting feasibility assessments, coordinating with relevant stakeholders, and providing expert advice on design considerations and compliance with local policies. They act as advocates for their clients, representing their interests and liaising with the local council, community groups, and other professionals involved in the project. By engaging a town planning consultant in Dandenong, developers and individuals can benefit from their expertise, streamline the planning process, and increase the chances of a successful outcome for their projects.

What are some common considerations for town planning in Dandenong’s residential developments?

In Dandenong, residential developments involve specific considerations that require careful town planning. These considerations include factors such as zoning regulations, density requirements, heritage overlays, and the impact on the surrounding community. Additionally, issues related to infrastructure, transportation, open space, and environmental sustainability are important aspects to address in residential developments. Town planning in Dandenong aims to ensure that residential projects align with the city’s long-term vision, enhance livability, and create cohesive neighborhoods. By engaging a town planning consultant familiar with the local context, developers can navigate these considerations effectively, identify potential challenges, and develop solutions that comply with regulations while meeting the needs of the community.

How we can help

St-wise has helped clients complete numerous applications for developments in the City of Greater Dandenong with positive outcomes. We’re a committed boutique agency offering a full suite of services to assist you with the town planning process including pre-planning advice, preparing town planning reports, representing you at Council meetings, assisting with land rezoning applications, appearing as an expert witness and addressing objections.

We pride ourselves on being responsive, dedicated and dynamic to keep your project moving.

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Contact St-wise to discuss your development project. We can provide initial advice about your project and information regarding Council requirements free of charge.