Town Planning Dandenong

There are three different methods to submit your town planning application with the City of Greater Dandenong depending on the type of application and its complexities.

They are:

  1.  Smart Application Process which allows for certain applications to be processed in 10 days. These are usually minor planning matters such as fencing, car parking reduction and building construction under $50,000
  2. Priority Paid Planning Application Service is available for eligible (mainly very large) commercial or industrial town planning applications
  3. Standard Planning Application Process applies to most residential or standard commercial or industrial town planning applications

The City of Greater Dandenong, like the majority of local Councils, prefers that pre-application meetings are arranged with a Town Planning Council Officer. This process opens communication channels and provides an opportunity to discuss the proposal with a Council officer who will sometimes identify any initial concerns for consideration. If engaged at the beginning of the process St-wise can attend the pre-application meeting to gauge Council’s support for the project.

In the past 24 months, St-wise has assisted more than a dozen clients with town planning applications or planning related matters within Dandenong and surrounding areas. At St-wise we have strong relationships with planning authorities including the Planning Department of the City of Greater Dandenong.

We know town planning in Greater Dandenong

We are proud to offer our town planning services and will deliver on time, on budget and meet our client’s expectations for service and outcomes.

For more information about our services or to make an appointment to discuss your project please contact us.